We began by being "In Charge" with our destiny

Our story started in 2008, when, after more than a decade in the business world, as practitioners, we realized that we want to give something back.

We've been in positions of strategy or managing various operations - tactical procurement, production, distribution and administration or financial and budget optimizations, planning, financial control. In other words, we have acquired a global perspective on areas in which we worked. Our exposure started locally then evolved regionally and internationally.

Everything started from the desire to offer consulting services to companies on the Romanian market, services that are always at their disposal, at the beginning of the road, in periods of deadlock and even when everything seems to go well. Why is that? Because we can reinvent and we can always be different.

Where to?

It's hard to say! As far away as possible. Where you need us to take you. We explore our limits along with our clients. They say limits are set to be surpassed. We don't set them at all, because we do not believe in them. The sky is too far for those scared to look beyond the clouds. Too daring? No, just realistic. Those who have changed the world were those crazy enough to believe they can do it.

Therefore, we are here, ready! When you feel like it's time to get to know each other, both you and your business, we'll provide efficiency, knowledge and especially our experience. We'll add as bonus, discipline, dedication for details and attention to you. We are with you, we stick with you, we are and we'll be InCharge!

  • Thank you hardly seems to suffice for your excellent efforts, consistent good humor and positive attitude you brought into our business and personal relationship.
  • It has been a pleasure to work with you for successfully fulfilled common projects for optimization, reorganization and cost cutting programs in Logistics, Purchasing, Administration and IT for Elmec Romania, especially when external economic conditions strive for performance improvement and accelerate competition in our business.
  • Since you have joined us, you have been involved with management development at all levels, ranging from office worker to board level, have put together an outstanding change strategy process for a major manufacturing organisation, as well as supporting us in coaching and large presentations, all the time showing the utmost commitment, dedication and integrity in what you do.
It's your business, we just help you to grow or reinvent.
You have the ideas, we provide new ways of implementing them.
When do we start?