Interventions at the level of Strategic Management and Support Services

Vision Mission Values

Support in statement of vision, mission, values.

Support in designing and sustaining of organizational culture.

Strategic Directions and Operational Plans

Support for translating of vision, mission and values into strategic directions.

Support for (re-)assessing strategic directions.

Functional/departmental activities management at strategic, tactical and operational levels.

Solutions for "turn around" and "re-engineering".

Company positioning and branding

Support in business positioning and value proposition growth (marketing consultancy).

Branding strategic decisions.

Support in business start-up : "due diligence" analysis reports, business plan and feasibility study.

Support services

Change management.

Project management.

Process management.

Risk Management

Internal audit and certification.

European funds projects consulting.

Interventions at the level of Organizational Management

Competences Assessment

Setting and evaluating organizational skills.

Support in assessing existing personnel or possible candidates.

Job Evaluation

Technical evaluation of company jobs.

Support in job ranking

Performance management and Compenben Policy

Support in defining functional, departmental and individual objectives.

Support in defining performance evaluation systems.

Support for setting up an integrated system of COMPENBEN.

Career Management

Creating and sustaining an employer brand awareness.

Increasing internal satisfaction, of employees fidelity and commitment.

Interventions with Operational Management in Acquisitions

Audit of processes and working documents

Audit of procurement, control and conformity processes.

Process performance measurement (indicators).

Support for development of: processes, working documents, procurement manuals, operating instructions and standard procedures.

Partners relationship management.

Management of relationship with suppliers (selection, evaluation, negotiation, contracting, implementation, performance measurement).

Suppliers database optimization/rationalization.

Reviewing of contracts.

Assistance for the selection and implementation of E-sourcing IT solutions.

Activity (re)organizing

Support for integrating procurement in company supply chain.

Setting the acquisition process.

Consultancy for outsourcing or internalization of acquisitions.

Reorganization and restructuring projects (including organization of BSS, procurement network).

Interim management in procurement.

Management of procurement and optimization processes.

Support for development of procurement strategies.

Analysis of internal requirements and evaluation of alternatives to meet them.

Analysis and revision of cost centers.

Procurement cost optimization with "out of the box" approaches.

Support for "bench-marking" analyses.

Performance management.

Interventions at the level of operational logistics and distribution management

Audit of processes and working documents

Audit processes in logistics distribution control conformity.

Process performance measurement (indicators).

Support for development: processes, working documents, manuals, instructions and standard operating procedures.

Partners relationship management

Customer relationship management (order processing system, call center etc.).

Management of relationship with suppliers (selection, evaluation, negotiation, contracting, implementation, performance measurement).

Assistance for selection and implementation of IT solutions for stocks management.

Activity (re)structuring

Setting distribution and transport processes.

Consultancy for internalization or outsourcing of logistics and distribution activity.

Reorganization and restructuring programs in logistics.

Interim Management in logistics-distribution.

Process management, results optimization

"Foot print" analyses.

Control of logistics performance (performance indicators, activity-based cost control).

Support for getting "bench-marking" analysis.

Inventory management (planning, acquisition, storage, conditioning).

Transport and distribution Management (distribution planning, fleet optimization).

Interventions in financial management

Financial Internal Audit

Evaluation and financial control.

General financial consulting services (tax and accounting consultancy excluded).

Internal Organization and Management

Setup and optimization of internal financial processes.

Formulating procedures and internal regulations regarding the basic activity and related activities in financial area (internal control system).

Opportunity assessment for outsourcing financial services.

Resources cost optimization

Internal financial analysis.

Analysis of investment or financing decisions.

Integrated cost cut and profit optimization programs.

Financial risk management.

Forecast Planning Monitoring

Strategic financial planning on medium and short term.

Consultancy for preparing and tracking the revenue and costs budget.

Financial planning based on business scenario planning.

Transfer of good practices and organizational development.

* only workshops for company clients

Soft skils

Communication and personal interaction skills.

Presentation skills.

Conflict Management.

Time planning and management.

Performance management.

Team Management.

Organizational management.

Emotional intelligence.

Lateral and creative thinking.

Organizational culture.


Hard Skills

Operational management.

Stock management.

Storage management.

Stock management.

Production Management.

Supply management.

Transport and distribution management.

Negotiation - different levels.

Excellency in Procurement.

Contract Management.


Financial Management.

Project Management.

Process Management.

Quality Assurance Management.

Customer Relationship Management.

Forecast, Planning, Budget.